Value Institute for Health and Care – 2022 Annual Report

01 Dec 2022

The annual report from the Value Institute for Health and Care at the University of Texas, including a recap of their work last year.

The Value Institute for Health and Care aims to improve health for all, through a platform strategy for accelerating health care transformation. This platform strategy uses the insights of research and clinical transformation to construct implementation frameworks, that in turn, accelerate the work of individuals and teams within communities.

In April 2022, The Value Institute demonstrated the global impact of this platform strategy during the “Redefining Health Care Summit” in Barcelona. This involved over 100 people from 22 countries, and included discussions on 3 workstreams:

  1. Outcomes, Gaps and Equity
  2. Relationship-Centred Care and the Workforce
  3. Scale, Sustainability and Digital Transformation

More information on this summit is available in the conference report here.

In addition to the annual summit, the Value Institute runs a Master of Science programme in Health Care Transformation, which prepares leaders across the spectrum of healthcare to design, implement and improve health care services, to achieve better outcomes.

Read the full report here!


The University of Texas at Austin, Value Institute for Health and Care, Dell Medical School & McCombs School of Business