Value-based Healthcare: The answer to our future health challenges? The sense and non-sense of VBHC today, with recommendations for tomorrow

23 Apr 2021

We live in a strongly ageing society in which the demand for care is growing and changing, while the number of people who can provide that care is not increasing correspondingly. High-quality innovations that offer prospects of quality of life for people who did not have them before are becoming available, but all these different options also potentially increase costs. All kinds of technology and the personal involvement of patients make more and more information available, enabling customised or integrated care pathways for a single medical condition. However, the care sector is still organised in a traditional manner, which stands in the way of realising this personal and integrated care.

This presents the following important questions. Can we adequately organise and fund care? Is it feasible to realise customised personal care? Is our healthcare system sustainable in the long term? Can VBHC be the solution for these issues and if so, how? Or should we look for other paradigms in order to guarantee the sustainability of our healthcare systems?

In this report, Vintura looks for practical answers: “Because we care about the future of healthcare, we will also question some seemingly untouchable truths. After all, desperate diseases require desperate remedies. We will separate the sense from the non-sense. We will show where VBHC can work in practice, what is needed to achieve that success, and in which cases VBHC is not the solution. In short: we will reveal new insights about VBHC that allow us to concretely tackle current and future healthcare challenges.”

Learn from numerous case studies. Learn how to apply VBHC in elderly care. Learn why and how VBHC is relevant for the pharma industry.

And… learn about new concepts such as Value-Managed Healthcare and Value-Managed Health.