Value-Based Healthcare from the Perspective of the Healthcare Professional

13 Jan 2022

A systematic literature review, which explores evidence on how VBHC relates to the healthcare professional, and how the healthcare professional relates to VBHC.

This paper reveals 10 behaviours of healthcare professionals to enhance value in care, including: focusing on what matters most to patients, working in teams and collaborating, learning and improving care, and discussing value in the clinical encounter.

However, the move towards VBHC is also taxing in terms of resources and job demands. The paper details 16 of these:

  • 4 of which relate to employee well-being (including role fit, work method, meaning in work and workload and time investment),
  • and 5 of which relate to job strain (including role strain, insufficient organisational support, inadequate pace of change and time availability, and challenging patient contact)

Ultimately, healthcare professionals experience substantial job demands and demands on resources resulting from the move towards VBHC, and their active role in this shift. This can be exacerbated by an unsupportive organisational environment, so it is important that organisations are aware of this and can provide their support.



Veerle van Engen, Igna Bonfrer, Kees Ahaus and Martina Buljac-Samardzic