Value Based Health Care — The Reality of Practicing It

29 Aug 2022

A short article setting out an example of implementing VBHC in the real world setting, from the perspective of the provider.

How do insurance companies pay for quality, on top of current contracting demands? And what do providers need to consider when operationalising the measures to obtain greater funding?

Value Based Health Care (VBHC) provides stakeholders across the world with a set of solutions that can change and improve health care. To achieve the VBHC equation — outcomes that matter to patients divided by the cost — we must track and improve quality of care. One way this is practiced is through the use of standardised performance and outcome measures.

Improvement in the quality of care occurs when we focus on incremental change in the day-to-day practices of health care; people (i.e. staff) are critical to this.

Ultimately, Team-Based Care is one of the most critical aspects to meeting quality measures because it aligns staff and motivates them to work toward a single outcome. Critical to team-based care is that the team includes both clinical and non-clinical staff.

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Caitlin Masters and Amber Emch