The All.Can Cancer Efficiency Metrics Study

17 Jun 2022

A new policy report, developed by The Health Value Alliance and the University of Southampton, on behalf of our Affiliated Organisation, All.Can International.

There is a need to harmonise and set standards in cancer care efficiency globally.
This paper proposes a set of internationally applicable and real-world measures generated and collected from daily clinical practice today, that can be used by relevant stakeholders to assess efficiency in cancer care.

The research combines the findings from 83 academic articles, 43 grey literature publications, 15 cancer registry websites, 1 international registry and 20 interviews with different stakeholders from across the cancer care ecosystem. 8 Core metric categories have been identified:

  • Time to diagnosis
  • Percentage of cancers diagnosed through emergency presentation
  • Primary care interval
  • Time from tissue diagnosis to treatment
  • Percentage of patients documented as having seen a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
  • Percentage of patients who received chemotherapy in the last 14 days of life
  • Patient experience
  • Patient involvement in decision-making

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