Summary of the Value Based Healthcare Conference – Tallinn 2021

04 Mar 2021

Conference co-organisers: Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Estonian Cancer Society, The North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation, Tartu University Hospital, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and the Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Estonia

 A summary of the Value Based Healthcare Conference – Tallinn 2021

The programme for 2021 included two main sessions:

  1. Value based healthcare common understandings – why we need to measure outcomes
  2. Good practices and real-world examples

The first session of the conference clarified the terminology of value-based and patient-centred healthcare, as well as possible methods for its evaluation and for better inclusion of the patients’ point of view during the entire care pathway. While healthcare assessment used to focus only on the treatment volume and the cost as important factors, now, treatment quality is important. This can be broken into the clinical benefits of treatment and patients’ quality of life.

During the second session, colleagues from abroad and from Estonia introduced various possibilities for implementing value-based and patient-centred care in daily practice and shared their personal experiences. In this regard, Professor Francisco Rocha Gonçalves and Dr Burkhard Beyer described their experiences with including prostate cancer patients in the development of value-based and patient-centred healthcare services at the Martini-Klinik in Hamburg.

A wide range of speakers attended, including: Stella Kyriakides (European Commission), Nathalie Moll (EFPIA), Bettina Ryll, (Melanoma Patient Network Europe), Nicola Bedlington (European Patients Forum), Karl Arnberg (Novartis), Suzanne Gaunt (ICHOM) and Anna van Poucke (KPMG).

Almost 1000 delegates from 60 countries registered to attend.