Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care

13 Sep 2021

This report aims to assess the opportunities in developing health care systems that centre on the individual patient preference in determining high quality health care, while enabling the management of limited population health care budgets.

In order to achieve the objective, they brought together an international Community of Experts (CoE) to work through a structured methodology. The work of the CoE was supported by a pragmatic review of the literature and input from an Industry Advisory Panel (IAP), representing pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

The report brings 3 top level recommendations

  1. Through Shared Decision Making, clinicians and a person receiving care must work together to understand the goals of that person, and then use these goals to determine the outcomes that matter and the processes and structures that are applied to achieve these.
  2. People receiving care must be involved, through established methodologies, in all aspects of health care system policy and strategy development, pathway design, and throughout the life cycle of the development of medicines and technologies.
  3. Due to finite resources, it is not possible to provide every person with their preference all of the time. When making decisions about resource allocation, systems must be transparent about the methodology that underpins the decision making. Clinical teams must then work with the available services, products and resources to best determine how to meet the goals of individuals.


Nicola Bedlington, Thomas Kelley, Martha Kidanemariam, Sally Lewis, Anne Stiggelbout