Lessons Learned from Implementing a Tailored VBHC Model in a Dutch University Hospital

07 Dec 2021

This study aims to gather insights on the enablers and barriers of implementing a tailored VBHC model in a Dutch university hospital, considering the perspective of the physicians and nurses.

Several barriers to VBHC were uncovered within the findings:

  • A main barrier is the lengthy time required for implementation
  • Challenges in shaping the involvement of patients and ongoing changes in hospital departments
  • Non-user-friendly Electronic Health Records system, and a lack of digital skills / experience in working with this system

Ultimately, to support the implementation of a VBHC model, it is important to use a structured implementation methodology. This is aided by the use of a strong team, and providing the incentive to improve care by registering outcomes, in order to create benchmarking.


Dane Lansdaal, Femke van Nassau, Marije van der Steen, Martine de Bruijne, Marian Smeulers