Five years’ experience with value-based quality improvement teams: the key factors to a successful implementation in hospital care

20 Oct 2022

A study with learnings on how to implement VBHC and value-based quality improvement (VBQI) in hospitals in practice.

Through a qualitative study with 43 members of 8 VBQI teams in a large Dutch top-clinical teaching hospital (including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, VBHC project leaders, managers, social workers, researchers and paramedics), 9 main factors were identified for determining whether the implementation of VBQI teams was successful or not:

  1. Practical organization of value-based quality improvement teams
  2. Organizational structure
  3. Integration of VBHC with existing quality improvement approaches and research
  4. Adoption and knowledge of the VBHC concept in the hospital
  5. Multidisciplinary engagement
  6. Medical leadership
  7. Goal setting and selecting quality improvement initiatives
  8. Long-cycle benchmarking and short-cycle feedback
  9. Availability of outcome data

These factors can be categorised into three domains: organisation, culture and practice.

Overall, this study goes beyond the general VBHC theory and provides healthcare providers with more detailed knowledge on how to practically implement value-based quality improvement in a hospital care setting.

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Kirsten Daniels, Marc B. V. Rouppe van der Voort, Douwe H. Biesma, and Paul B. van der Nat