EHMA 2021 Conference Report

17 Sep 2021

This is a report on EHMA’s 26th annual conference on health management, held on 15th-17th September 2021.

There were 4 main sessions which included value-based healthcare and outcomes-based care, summarised in this report:

  • Leadership for the future of healthcare

o   To improve leadership, primary healthcare should transition to distributive leadership. Quality improvement in healthcare needs to be sustainable and patient-centred

  • Improving healthcare access and outcomes

o   Ongoing analysis is needed of the impact of healthcare funding on patient outcomes, and optimise value. RWD can be used to support this analysis, such as the REBECCA project

  • Person-centeredness and care integration

o   Due to the increased average life expectancy and numbers of people living with chronic diseases, greater integration of care is needed. Person-centred thinking is required to reach goals of efficiency, effectiveness and quality

  • Managing the Digital Transformation

o   Blockchain is a digital tool which could improve patient outcomes in future by increasing efficiency in healthcare delivery. However, this technology is not yet ready to be implemented into practice

Value-based care was also a recurring theme throughout the Partner and Abstract sessions.


EHMA (European Health Management Association)