Could value-based healthcare improve treatment outcomes in Slovenia?

13 Dec 2022

An EFPIA guest blog with some of the key takeaways from the 11th strategic conference “Value of Innovation”, which took place on 23rd November in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

VBHC focuses on achieving the best possible outcomes for patients according to the resources invested. It involves patients being more involved in their own treatment, and medical teams being motivated to achieve the best outcomes.

VBHC is already in use in The Netherlands, within 7 member hospitals at Santeon. However, if Slovenia is to adopt VBHC, it first needs to improve digitalisation of the healthcare system, and undergo a shift in focus from competition to improving patient outcomes. There is a clear goal in Slovenia for digital transformation of both the economy and public services: "By 2030 all key public services will be available online and all citizens will have access to their e-files."

Interestingly, a survey among relevant stakeholders in Slovenia found that ~40% were aware of the concept of VBHC; although as many as 81% knew that the concept would be beneficial to the healthcare system, even if they were not necessarily familiar with it.

Ultimately, speakers at the conference agreed that a gradual approach will need to be taken to implement VBHC in Slovenia, although it could have considerable benefits in the future.

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Barbara Stegel