A Roadmap for Implementing VBHC in European University Hospitals

15 Dec 2021

Although there is traction in the understanding and awareness of VBHC, implementation within hospitals is still largely in the pilot phase.

In this study, members of the European University Hospital Alliance aimed to define a roadmap of transformational measures towards VBHC.

Eight mandatory components were identified to implement VBHC in a hospital, which can be grouped into 4 main areas:

  1. Organising care pathways
  2. Collecting a set of outcomes (including clinical outcomes, patient-reported outcomes and experience measures)
  3. Building an information platform
  4. Actively using short-term and long-term outcomes for clinical decisions and for improving care

Based on these 4 main areas, implementation can occur over 6 development phases: preparation of the organisation; preparation of each clinical pathway; design; building; implementing; evaluation and improvement.


Yolima Cossio-Gil, Maisa Omara, Carolina Watson, Joseph Casey, Alexandre Chakhunashvili, María Gutiérrez-San Miguel, Pascal Kahlem, Samuel Keuchkerian, Valerie Kirchberger, Virginie Luce-Garnier, Dominik Michiels, Matteo Moro, Barbara Philipp-Jaschek, Sim