Congratulations to winners of the VBHC Prizes 2022!

11 May 2022

In May, the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe awarded the 2022 VBHC Prize and Excellence Awards!

The Value-Based Health Care Center Europe (VBHCE) was founded in order to share the concepts of VBHC. The VBHCE is a platform that envisions to share and create concepts of VBHC, develop new and existing methodologies, create best practices, and disseminate experiences on implementing VBHC concepts and methodologies in The Netherlands, across Europe and internationally.

As leading theme, the VBHC Prize offers a stage for innovative and exceptional improvements in healthcare and thereby seeks to create chances for new connections and spin-offs for new improvements. The VBHC Prize is the pinnacle project of the VBHCE, which is an independent platform that shares-creates-disseminates experiences and knowledge on implementing VBHC delivery.

The VBHC Prize’s philosophy is to recognize, embrace and cherish endeavours that redefine healthcare, and honours those doctors, hospitals, institutions and projects that have adopted a new and innovative solution to improve Patient Value.

The winners were:

  • The VBHC Prize 2022: Dental Health Services Australia
  • Primary Care Award 2022: Vanderbilt Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement System
  • Collaboration Award 2022: King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
  • Cost-Effectiveness Award 2022: Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • Patient Outcomes Award 2022: Joint Health Program
  • Community Award 2022: Clinical Care Center for Abdominal & Peritoneal Neoplasms
  • Inspirational Award 2022: Patients Know Best

Link: Read more about the VBHC Centre Europe, by clicking here: