VBHC Graduate Program
01.07.2022 - 17.12.2022

The Université Paris Cité launches a unique VBHC Graduate Program to help pragmatic leaders make high-value care a reality.

This hybrid training program includes VBHC concepts, implementation methods, use cases, immersion visits and outstanding networking opportunities.

From July to December, a limited group of participants interacts with world-class experts and mentors on a series of operational challenges ranging from:

  • Mobilizing internal resources around a standardized value agenda;
  • Building a community of practice with iterative loops of improvement;
  • Making outcome data independent, insightful and actionable;
  • Involving patients in shared-decision making;
  • Transforming care pathways with patient case-mix adjustment;
  • Incentivizing high value care with the interplay of remuneration & reputation;
  • Purchasing devices and drugs through value-based procurement.

Pioneering Value-Based Health Care is essentially about leadership.

This six-month part-time graduate program is an outstanding learning opportunity to challenge yourself, meet talents, and fuel your mind.

All in one semester.

Apply until June 10, 2022!