The Promise Of Data In Healthcare

The use of data in healthcare holds immense potential for innovation and value creation, and contributes to the recovery and resilience of European healthcare systems after the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of data and data analytics offers great opportunities to healthcare providers to better understand outcomes of health interventions. Further use of available data and access to new data could increase European healthcare systems effectiveness and efficiency. Individual patients would benefit from advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence for new and more precise personalised health innovations for prevention, diagnosis, therapy and even prognosis.

The European Commission and member states are currently developing the framework and infrastructure for the European Health Data Space. This is the right time to remind everyone of the great promise that the use of health data holds for healthcare.

This event will provide trigger a multi-stakeholder exchange on current and emerging opportunities and challenges


  • Learn about the latest European legislative and non-legislative developments related to health data
  • Gain insight into concrete use cases for the employment of data and data analytics in healthcare
  • Exchange views on the use of data in healthcare with industry experts, healthcare providers, professionals and others
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