Principles of Value-Based Health and Care (Short Course)
01.10.2022 - 30.06.2023

The course is delivered by an international faculty of leaders with expert knowledge of health and social care systems – providing diverse insight and experience; to help challenge and shape your thinking and support you in defining the right approach for your organisation and system. You will gain an invaluable experience exploring Value-Based Health and Care (VBHC) with peers across all sectors; sharing diverse experiences and perspectives – all essential in the successful adoption of VBHC.

As a leader or manager, the course will ensure you return to your organisation equipped to validate or build a strategy defined by value and outcomes.

During the course you will explore topics including:

  • Implementing and using value measurement
  • Creating a culture of value
  • Understanding what to measure
  • Translating theory into practice
  • Refining your VBHC strategy
  • Industry working as part of a VBHC system

For further details, please visit the Swansea University webpage here 

Start dates: October 2022, March 2023 and June 2023