EUREGHA’s 2021 High-level Annual Conference

For EUREGHA’s Annual Conference this year, the focus is on making the European Health Union a reality. This includes value-based health care, where Dr. Sally Lewis, from the Welsh Value in Health Centre,  will address this topic as part of the diverse group of speakers.

While the European Union and its Member States are still facing the Covid–19 threat, the huge impact that the pandemic has had on the long-term functioning of our health and social care systems has become clearer.

There is no doubt that a better coordination is needed among European countries and territories to protect people’s health, both during a crisis and in normal times. The European Health Union underpins this coordination through several initiatives: the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), the Pharmaceutical strategy, the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Moreover, the European health data space should be a key enabling tool to ensure the transformation of the health and social care systems.

Nonetheless, to improve the protection, prevention, and preparedness of the health and social care systems we need to invest in a proper way and train the healthcare workforce. To this extent, regional health authorities, the European structural and investments funds, and the National recovery and resilience facility plans play an important role.

EUREGHA’s Annual Conference will bring together members of the European parliament, EU civil servants, regional policy makers and representatives of the health eco-systems to discuss how to best cooperate among the different levels of government to build an optimal health care system. During the discussion EUREGHA’ representatives will share the vision of the association and all the activities implemented over this year, while addressing the topic of where and how to invest in an efficient way to make the European health union a reality.