EPC Policy Dialogue: Value-based healthcare – how to harness patient-reported outcomes for better cancer care

Healthcare systems across the EU have long sought to create as much value as possible from their available resources. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with an ageing population and predicted increases in chronic disease, has intensified the need for efficient and sustainable patient-centric healthcare systems.

If no further action is taken, the number of people newly diagnosed with cancer every year in Europe will increase from the current 3.5 million to more than 4.3 million by 2035.What role can patient-reported outcomes (PROs) play in the shift towards value-based cancer care? What actions must member states take to create value-based healthcare systems? What role can Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan play in this endeavour? How can the EU best support member states’ transition towards value-based healthcare in not only oncology but also more broadly?

This CHES Policy Dialogue will reflect on these questions and assess the benefits of harnessing PROs to ensure high-quality cancer care for patients across the EU.

Speakers include Adela Maghear (European Cancer Patient Coalition), Christina R. Åkerman (Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness), Claire Chabloz (Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices), Giovanni Gorgoni (European Regional and Local Health Authorities), Hans Martens (European Policy Centre), Jan De Maeseneer (Ghent University) and Stefan Schreck (European Commission).