All.Can Global Summit 2022 – Taking actions: implementing efficiency in cancer care globally.
15.06.2022 - 16.06.2022

A virtual event on improving efficiency in cancer care.

In February 2022, All.Can launched its “Building Efficiency in Cancer Care” blueprint which explains why achieving greater efficiency must be an urgent policy priority and puts forward a broadly applicable framework aimed at policymakers to help achieve efficiency throughout the cancer care continuum. In June 2022, All.Can will publish its Efficiency Metrics policy research which will propose a set of internationally applicable and real-world measures and aim to harmonise and set standards in cancer care efficiency globally.

Capitalising on the momentum around the landmark EU and international policy initiatives underway on cancer care, and on All.Can’s latest publications, the summit will constitute a unique platform to exchange on ways to implement efficiency in cancer care and will aim to identify concrete, actionable steps to improving cancer care globally.

With the overall mission to identify concrete ways to build and implement efficiency in cancer care globally, the event will give a voice to patients, healthcare professionals, European and national policy-makers and decision-makers, industry players, national associations and initiatives, academics and researchers across the globe around four key themes:

  • Empowering & partnering with people
  • Supporting healthcare professionals
  • Implementing a data-driven learning system
  • Investing in efficient technologies.