Health Cluster Portugal Value-Based Healthcare project (HCP | VBH)

Health Cluster Portugal Value-Based Healthcare project (HCP | VBH)

13 May 2021

A coordinated, multi-stakeholder effort to create a more sustainable and equitable health sector in Portugal through the transition to a value-based system, is being put in place by Health Cluster Portugal (HCP),13 national Hospitals (6 Public and 7 private), Pharma and Medical Devices companies.

The HCP I VBH project is aimed at creating a rigorous and credible evaluation system in cataract surgery, focusing on the health results obtained, namely from the patient's point of view, promoting a culture of continuous improvement in a high-volume surgery with a high impact on the patient's quality of life and on NHS costs.

The first annual report has recently been released, which presents the assessment results of the impact of cataract-surgery on more than 11,000 patients, as well as the steps on a strategy to rationalise costs while maintaining the quality of care from the patient's perspective.

Author: Health Cluster Portugal

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